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10:00am - 11:30am PST

Music and Message - Dropping From the Brain Into the Heart with Dr. Karen Drucker

The combination of a great talk combined with music that brings that message home can be the difference between a good talk and one that leaves the listener transformed. In this interactive workshop, musician and speaker Dr. Karen Drucker guides participants to look at how music can enhance the talk but also the entire church service.

Strategic Plan Basic for Spiritual Communities with Rev. Sonia Byrne

Organizations will put off completing a Strategic Plan for years, thinking it’s too complicated and lengthy. It doesn’t have to be. Learn how to create a basic Strategic Plan for your community to support clarity,  focus and intentional goal-setting for your team.

Prosperous Leadership through Action and Awareness with Rev. Karen Russo, MBA

Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, shares spiritual principles and teaches practical tools to help you and your community embody a holistic approach to wealth.  You’ll craft a fresh Money Purpose statement to guide you.  And you’ll learn 2 weekly practices, Money Monday and Faithful Friday, to keep you focused and faithful in your prosperous living.


1:00pm - 2:30pm PST

Bringing Spirit Home – Science of Mind for Families with Stacy Butters

Answer the questions, “What spiritual things can I do at home with my children?” and “How do I use Science of Mind principles with my kids?” Lots of ideas for those with elementary age and younger children in their life at home, through extended family, or at your center.  Learn about prayers, practices, books, music, apps and more.

How to be an Effective Leader in your Ministerial Role with Rev. Jill Brocklehurst-Booth

Leading a team is not easy, not a part of our training as ministers, and yet, it is one of the foundational skills in creating a solid spiritual community. Without training, we rely on natural abilities, chance and prayer. What we know about prayer is that there is an action step, and yes, we can learn to become not good, but GREAT leaders. Let me show you how.

Pre-Workshop Homework: Prepare a short one or two sentence answer to,  “What is your why? Why do you lead in spiritual ministry?"

Helpful Tip for Jill’s Workshop: Check out “Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A field Guide” by Patrick Lencioni prior to the workshop!

Removing Barriers to Build the Flow of Prosperity with Dr. Tom Melzoni and Rev. Sanford D. Coon

Whether in the minds of individuals or Centers, fear of lack is destructive. Creating a culture of radical generosity is both a challenge and a joyous opportunity. When a Center struggles for financial freedom, it is impossible for members to believe in or trust a principle of prosperity. Understanding and implementing proven procedures for sound management as a teaching model is essential to build confidence that demonstrates the availability of abundance.

Virtual and Viral: Social Media That Works with Rev. Dr. David Goldberg & Julie Mierau

Participants will learn the details of creating posts and memes that gain traction through responses, comments and reposts and what it means to have a post or meme “go viral.” We will also explore Facebook live based on three years of experience and hundreds of thousands of “views” and “shares” among other topics of interest.c



10:00am - 11:30am PST

Conscious Leadership 101, Building Powerful Community Leaders that Thrive with Rev. Kimjera Whittington
This workshop will include real life situational exploration around leading consciously at our centers.  Participants will explore their personal belief systems and internal biases that impact how they lead and show-up within their centers, boards and for their congregations. They will learn powerful tools and techniques to support their personal growth and development to lead others in a way that increases volunteer engagement and transforms their volunteer teams.

OmmaySing Me Clubs: Teacher Training Programs Instilled with Science of Mind Principles for Children 2 - 14 Years with Laura Topper

OmmaySing Me is all about lovefullness and inner confidence and embraces positive singing, stretching, body breathwork, creativity, meditation, music, colouring, positive thinking, movement, games and most of all FUN ! OmmaySing Me inspires children to know themselves as love, to accept themselves and others fully and to live from the overflow awareness of inner peace, compassion and kindness.  

Building Community through Online Education with Rev. Nicole Merges & Rev. Sunday Cote

In our time together, we will explore tools, skills and ideas to enhance online education potential in your community. Participants will leave with several ideas to design, plan and/or enhance their online education offerings. Anyone curious about how to start or advance their online program will find this workshop beneficial.

Does Science of Mind Foundation have $25,000 for Your Community? with the Science of Mind Foundation

The Science of Mind Foundation’s Centers Endowment Matching Funds Program is a reality with eight endowments already created including matching funds from the Foundation.  Your Center can be one of the pioneers in this program.Learn how the spiritual principles of Good Stewardship and Integrity will build trust within your spiritual community and how your vision can lead to the creation of your own significant endowment fund.


1:00pm - 2:30pm PST

Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! with Tama Kieves

You have a calling within, an expression of infinite talent, stamina, and love.  This is not a path of force, but of savvy direction. Through exercises and interactive breakout sessions, let Tama Kieves, bestselling author and visionary career/success coach show you how to: *choose your true passion *consistently draw people and resources to you, *stand out, *leverage fluctuations in circumstances and mood, and *discover your own inspired way to succeed.

Growing Spiritual Centers With Testimonials with Joe Schneider

Testimonials are the best way to inspire people to visit a CSL center and ultimately become members. Learn what makes a good testimonial, how to get them and how to effectively use them to build and grow your center. Great testimonials are also valuable to use in classes and Sunday lessons keeping people motivated and stimulated to change their thinking and change their lives.  

How to Answer: “Why should I work with you?” with Arlene O’Reilly

Use the spiritual principle of Clarity to tell potential clients the awesome value folks get when they work with you. In marketing terms, this is called a Value Proposition & in this workshop you’ll create the foundation for yours with simple worksheets & frameworks. Communicate a clear and believable
answer to “Why you?” so you can reach more of the people you’re here to serve & also grow your business.  

Living Inclusion! with Rev. Michele K. Synegal

Living inclusion is being consciously aware of the ways in which we can create and maintain welcoming environments for all who show up at our centers. It requires being cognizant of visible and invisible differences that might require additional effort on our parts to value, engage and appreciate all. Living Inclusion will provide examples of inclusive behaviors for several cohorts within our member communities and opportunities for strategy development to build more inclusive spiritual communities.