Still Have Questions?

See below for some special videos created by our two event co-chairs, Rev. Sunshine Daye & Rev. Josh Reeves (PLUS his new little assistant) and hopefully all the answers you need to fully participate in VISTA 2019 will be here!

But..if your question is still not answered…ask us! Just click here to visit the contact us page and submit your question today!


“I still don’t get it…what is VISTA?”


Our Virtual Convention has been expanded into a 4 day convention in 2019. We are very excited about this expansion and know that it will be tools and inspiration for our communities across the globe…all while not having to pay for travel, hotel and time away from home. This virtual concept is a great way for you to engage your leadership who may not have ever attended one of our in-person conventions. It also is a way for you to show your community the broader global Science of Mind community through one of our general sessions.

“How can my community get involved?”


Also, don’t forget to let us know if you are having a watch party! We would love to give you a shout out! Just email Joe Martin at

“Where can I find a listing of workshops and speakers?”


Don’t forget to continue to explore this website. This will be our central hub for our Virtual Convention and should be the one stop shop for all of your answers, information, and sessions!

“What if I have more than 10 people who want to attend?”


1.) Purchase another “center” registration for 10 more users.

2.) Purchase individual registrations for only $79 per person.

Keep in mind that it is only 10 simultaneous users at once. Get creative and share decide who wants to attend which workshops! And if you have a viewing party at your center for a General Session - thats only ONE user!

“Can I attend one of the LIVE general sessions in person?”


We all know connection is important to us. We would LOVE to see you in person at one of our General Sessions in Calgary, Atlanta, or San Diego. These are free of charge to attend in person. Click here for the General Sessions page to find out more information on each of the sessions, as well as special discounts on hotels in each of the cities.

“What’s a Watch Party?”


Also, don’t forget to let us know if you are having a watch party! We would love to give you a shout out! Just email Joe Martin at

“What if I can’t watch the sessions live, will they be recorded?”


Our General Sessions and Workshops will be recorded. The recording links will be posted within 24-48 hours after the session is complete and will be available for 60 days after VISTA is complete. That means you can go back and even re-watch a session!

“How do I know if my technology is ready for VISTA?”

While we can’t come there and check your technology for you, we can provide you with a variety of test links and information to get you prepared ahead of time. We STRONGLY encourage you to check your technology by clicking here. On this page you will find links to test zoom meetings and more.

“Will ZOOM be used for everything during VISTA?”

No. Our Business Meeting will use zoom just like we did in 2017. In addition, our workshops and update sessions from departments and councils will also use Zoom. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for our evening General Sessions, you will be provided with a simple live-stream link for viewing.